Self Publishing online shopYou can add your own on-line bookstore to your chosen Publishing Package. While there are plenty of publishing companies that can get your book onto Amazon and provide a distribution channel to thousands of bookshops around the world (Green Hill can too), there’s nothing like having the control and rewards of your own on-line shop. While selling through Amazon is great – you’ll pay for the privilege having to grant your retailer a heavy wholesale discount. Suddenly  you’ll think, “where have all the profits gone?” Answer: to Amazon, that’s where! With your own on-line shop you’ll be able to sell on-line simply by giving people your own unique web address. They click on the shopping cart and pay on-line. The money goes to your account. You’ve written the book, you’ve made the investment, you reap the rewards.

Powerful, flexible and fun to use.

  • powerful, flexible, easy to use content management system (CMS)  – infinitely scalable to handle as much content as you require. Up to 10 pages in initial build of website.
  • no special computer skills needed to manage site ongoing – easy point and click screens
  • your own unique web address (URL) registered for 1 year
  • 12 months free hosting – ongoing hosting at wholesale rates if you choose
  • PayPal shopping cart
  • optimised for search engines like Google
  • links to and from social media like Facebook
  • responsive design for viewing on mobile devices like tablets and phones
  • initial phone training session and then support for first 6 months up to a total of 4 hours
  • two hours of specific maintenance tasks included in first 12 months

Please note more detail about website development can be found on the Terms of Service page

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