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Where to submit your manuscript

Use our project scope form to submit your manuscript, along with any other details that we will need to help you on your publishing journey. But before you do, have a look at our submission requirements for manuscripts and images below:

We require your manuscipt to be formatted in accordance with the following parametres:

  • A singular (1) Microsoft Word Document
  • Document titled as follows: FirstnameLastname_ManuscriptTitle_ddmmyy (e.g. JohnSmith_TheGreen_220322)
  • Simple font (e.g. Calibri, Ariel, Times New Roman, etc.)
  • Clearly differentiated and consistent chapter/hierarchy headings (e.g. chapter headings are bold and 16pt font size, heading 1’s are 14pt and italic, etc.)

We require any images (if images apply to your publishing project) to be submitted following these parametres:

  • Labelled with the page they appear on and with their caption
  • JPG, TIFF, or PSD files only

Our response time

We have a very quick turn around and will often get back to you within 3-5 business hours. If you do not hear from us within that timeframe, please send a follow up email to