METHOD 1. Green Hill’s server

Upload your files here (please note we prefer multiple files in a single zip file if you know how):  Upload here

METHOD 2. Email

If you are a new customer (having paid a deposit), you have provided your preferred email contact details, upload your files by email (please note we prefer multiple files in a single zip file if you know how): Email here

METHOD 3 – Wetransfer

You can transfer your files to us – word processing documents (dox, docx and txt files) and images (jpg or RAW files) either through email or through the free service.

Wetransfer is a free service. Here’s how to use Wetransfer:

1. Go to  and add your file(s).

… you can add multiple files.

Self publishing authors add manuscript files

2. Add your email and recipient’s email details.

If you are sending a file(s) for the first time (you might not yet be an official Green Hill author) the recipient is [email protected]



 We transfer authors manuscript first step

3. Click the Transfer button

 Self publishing author upload manuscript files step 3

 4. We Transfer will update you on progress.

self publishing author manuscript upload step 4

5. When you see the confirmation screen it’s all done!

 We Transfer congratulations screen for self published authors uploading their manuscripts