Terms of Service

Editing  – Terms of Service

The cost of editing services are based on the number of words to be edited.

Our editors will review your finalised manuscript as a Microsoft Word document using the track changes tool so that changes and the reason for those changes are clearly visible. Comments will be seen in the margin of the document returned to you. Upon completion of editing and your review of the edited document, the editor can be available on negotiation to discuss the edited manuscript by telephone.

Additional significant work on the manuscript may be subject to additional charges but this will be confirmed after negotiation. This is a rare occurrence and might apply when the author requires major structural changes to the document. Additional charges will be costed at an hourly rate.

Please note that re-submission of an altered manuscript (subsequent to the submission of the finalised manuscript) may incur additional cost especially if the editor has to commence the process from the beginning. Editing a resubmitted manuscript, after the author has implemented changes, often requires the manuscript to be re-edited in its entirely and incurs new editing fees. However if the author uses Microsoft Word track changes on sections of the manuscript, then the editor can edit these sections on an hourly rate basis.

Typesetting and Design – Terms of Service

The cost of typesetting is included in all proposals and packages. Typesetting costs depend on the approximate number of words and the number of design elements included. Typically the Standard and Premium Publishing Packages are for books up to 70,000 words or under 230 pages in length. Large books will incur an additional typesetting cost which will be included in the Proposal.

Special design elements, including but not limited to break-out boxes, diagrams, charts, maps, illustrations and design element placement will most likely incur additional design fees. Additional design fees are based on the author providing instruction (a design brief) on the design elements required. If the designs required are varied at the request of the author during the design process, then  additional design fees will be incurred.

Please note cookbooks and other non-fiction works will usually require separate quotation to standard package offerings – as a guide cookbooks are commonly more than $2,495 +GST depending on length and complexity.

Manuscript format:

  • Manuscripts must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents, Pages documents or Open Office documents. If electronic copies of the manuscript are unavailable – only available in printed format – scanning and reformatting fees will be incurred.
  • Chapters are to be defined by page breaks.
  • Headings and sub-headings must be defined by a style in the Word, Pages or Open Office documents.
  • Manuscripts with carriage returns at the end of each line cannot be processed.
  • The manuscript should not contain tabs except poetry which requires offset indentation for stylized effects and for numbered and lettered lists. To properly indent paragraphs, do not use tabs or character spaces, instead use the formatting palette in Word to set a first line indentation value.
  • Sentences should not have a double space after each full-stop (rather a single space).
  • Only 3 files should be submitted: File 1 Front material e.g. dedication copyright material File 2 Chapters – all chapters in one file, chapters separated with a page-break. File 3 End material (at the back of the interior of the book) and back cover blurb.

Images – Five interior images are included in the Standard publishing plan, 10 in the Premium publishing plan. Images that exceed this number will be charged at the rate of $3.50+GST per image. A rate for over 100 images can be negotiated. Images must submitted as either:

  • high resolution jpg files embedded within the manuscript; OR
  • high resolution jpg files with a clear reference in the manuscript in this format < Caption: Mary Campbell’s early life  File: mary campbell.jpg > .
  • image files must be submitted in one transfer (not incrementally or over a number of days) ideally included in a zip file.

Footnotes – Up to 40 footnotes can be included without additional charge

Index – Indexes are not included in either Standard or Premium publishing plans but can be built on an hourly rate basis.

Alterations (also known as variations/rework) – Typesetting commences on receipt of the author’s manuscript which is assumed to be the final approved manuscript. If another manuscript is submitted after typesetting has been completed or commenced this will incur additional costs.  A limited number of corrections to typeset work are within the terms of both the Standard and Premium publishing packages – two rounds of minor corrections are allowed. Corrections to typesetting are not re-submission of entire manuscripts for re-typesetting rather specific instructions to change specific parts of the typeset text.  Corrections are limited and minor changes to text (not structural changes to the book layout)  – 15 minor changes. The proofing of typeset PDF files by authors are to correct errors in typesetting not to change written content.Re-submission of entire manuscripts will incur a cost to re-typeset the book.

Website – Terms of Service

Inclusions: The cost of websites is included in the Premium self publishing plan. Web page construction includes:

  • home page and sub-page design based on book artwork.
  • up to 10 sub-pages, including basic optimisation for Search engines e.g. Google. Page content must be provided in a Word document (including images) with each page title clearly identified before commencement of building the site.
  • up to 3 blog post entries – content to be provided as a Word document. 
  • up to 5 gallery images – content to be provided as jpeg files
  • purchase of  a URL – registered for 1 year. 
  • 24 months hosting (with the option to remain or transfer to other hosting service)
  • Shop using PayPal merchant account – authors must establish a business PayPal account  How to set up a PayPal Business Account  
  • up to two products set up in shop
  • links to author’s previously established Facebook and/or Twitter and one additional social media account e.g. Instagram, You Tube
  • one hour training session
  • guaranteed and maintained for one year OR up to 2 hours specific maintenance – ongoing maintenance packages available

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): While pages can be optimised for keywords,  building of a website does not include top Google rankings.

Alterations: A one hour training session will be conducted enabling the author to implement changes to content. Green Hill can implement changes after the launch of the website but this will incur additional charges based on an hourly rate of $80 + GST. If specifications for any component are changed after initial specifications/instructions have been given this is deemed to be a variation/alteration.


  • Design is based on industry leading open source Content management System (CMS) theme. Details of the theme can be provided on request. Style changes including changes to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) may be charged at an hourly rate ($80 per hour + GST) in addition to Website Package.
  • Inclusion of scripts and alterations to php code can be implemented at an hourly rate but is considered development additional to the standard web package. Plugins that render pages/posts may need modifications to php scripts and will incur additional fees.
  • Functionality additional to the standard CMS installation can be implemented at an hourly rate + cost of materials.
  • Advanced customisation of shopping cart software e.g. establishment of shipping zones, multiple unit shipping prices and php customisation will incur additional fees.

Developer functions:  A Green Hill website does not provide administrator access to the web backend (including Cpanel) nor does it provide access to SQL databases, php (or other scripted functions) to any other developers. Website files can be provided for porting to a different hosting service but this will incur a charge not less than $250 + GST.  Green Hill remains the website developer for the life of the website.

Hosting and URL (web address) : A Green Hill website incurs annual hosting fees after the first 2 years of operation i.e for the third year of operation. In addition, owners of URLs will incur all renewal costs. URL’s remain the property of Green Hill unless purchased directly from a domain name registration service by the author or by prior specification / negotiation.

Printing – Terms of Service

Green Hill arranges the first print run of your book as part of a publishing package.

Green Hill does not guarantee delivery times from a printer.

Additional subsequent print runs will incur an administration/service fee of $50 +GST  Authors can also arrange their own printing direct with their printer of choice and Green Hill will transfer all digital assets to the author (in the format of a packaged Indesign file) for provision to another printer.

Sourcing of quotations from multiple printers will incur a service fee.

Conducting of press checks will incur a service fee.

Please note that PDF proofs may not accurately reflect print colour reproduction. In addition colours in electronic files will present differently on different devices e.g. phones, tablets and desktops.


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