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Why it's important...

Your book design remains a critical factor in your book's overall success.

At US, UK and Canadian companies, you will work within a structure that does not give you direct access to the person(s) who will be designing your book cover and book interior. Most often your key point of contact will be an account manager or even salesperson who will discuss your needs and then try to communicate those with the book designer. It's like a game of 'Chinese whispers'.

And just try to call a US, UK or Canadian company at 2pm Melbourne or Sydney time. If anyone answers the phone it certainly won't be the book designer!

This is a formula for a book design you don't want.

At Green Hill you will discuss your requirements with our Senior Book Designer. This means your designer understands your needs perfectly.

How US, UK and Canadians work...

How US, UK an

How Green Hill works...

Hoe Green Hill works with authors



You prepare the interior - we do the cover, print and marketing.




A complete professional solution giving your project every chance of success.




An advanced professional solution involving complex design work. Cookbooks, manuals, and other complex non-fiction.

Starts at $3,250

Are you a Sydney author self publishing a book?

Green Hill is giving help to authors everywhere in Sydney to self publish. If you reside in Sydney , Australia's creative writing capital - we are leading in the race to self publish Sydney. Green Hill is Sydney's innovative self publishing company producing print on demand and ebooks.

Print on demand means you can get you project into production quickly and without high up front costs. Print on demand means that readers can order a single print copy of your book quickly and cost effectively. Instead of printing in bulk and having to pay huge upfront costs, print on demand lets you contract a digital printer who can despatch a single copy to a reader when they pace an order.

Print on demand orders can be placed online or through a traditional retail bookshop here in Sydney.

We service clients all over the city from Penrith to Bondi to Oxford Falls. And its not a problem if you are in country New south Wales because we communicate on-line and by phone.

We can manage your publishing project with precision and efficiency.

When you choose Green Hill we will form a project team lead by your personal account manager. The account manager's role is to work with you to progress your project, making sure your deadline is met and quality standers are adhered to.

The account manager will utilise Green Hill's proven Self Publishing 4 Bases © project management method - that's something your unlikely to get from any other book publishers in Sydney.

And unlike other book publishing companies in Sydney, you'l be able to tap into a wide range of services including including access to print services in Sydney, other states and overseas. The account manager will advise you of what's possible after assessing your print needs and your budget.

What is Green Hill's Self Publishing 4 bases © project methodology and why do you need it?

Publishing projects are notorious for delay with some authors never see their project through to completion.

There are many publishing companies in Sydney but Green Hill is committed to seeing your project come to reality through the Self Publishing 4 Bases © project management methodology.

It's simple, its proven, its effective. This shows you the easy and simple steps to a successful self publishing project.

1. Discovery - we quickly find out and document your:

  • self publishing project objectives - are your goals financial or altruistic?
  • who will be the readers of your book and what are their characteristics? (This is very important when making marketing decisions for your book)
  • when do you need to get the book to market?

2. Framing - this is where Green Hill wil provide recommendations to you, usually by telephone conference, presenting the way forward:

  • we will review your content
  • we will consider what media your book needs to adopt. Is it print, ebook or both? And what presence should you have on the internet?
  • production plan - how exactly will Green Hill produce your book

3. Production - the book publishing project becomes reality

4. Marketing - how your book is distributed effects your bottom line - how much money you will make on the sale of every copy.

  • Distribution is the way your book will find its way into the hands of readers and it needs to be expertly crafted. Do you send your book to wholesalers or do you sell direct. Green Hill will put together a strategy to get your title before readers in Sydney and beyond at the profit level you require.
  • Promotional plan - you've got to tell the world about your new book and Green Hill can help you do just that.

Diagram: Self Publishing 4 Bases - How to get your book published project method with the four steps: 1. Discovery, 2. Framing, 3. Production and 4. Distribution and marketing

Do you need to get you book into the market quickly?

Which Sydney publisher do you know will propose getting your project completed with 3 months (let alone Green Hills' target of 4 weeks)? Our Discovery and Framing phases take 1 week, and Production 2-3 weeks if self publishers adhere to guidelines and timelines provided.

Time line chart: Book production in just 4 weeks - Get your book self published project method with the four steps: 1. Discovery, 2. Framing, 3. Production and 4. Distribution and marketing over a 4 week period