Submit your manuscript to Green Hill

Format your manuscript.

Before you submit your manuscript to Green Hill Publishing, you can put it into a design-friendly format

We are always open to submissions of any genre, form, and length, but we do have some guidelines on how to prepare your manuscript and images. This is so our processes move quicker and there will be no extra fees for us to prepare your manuscript.

Please download our Word Template and Styles Guide with the download button below and style your manuscript accordingly. Watch our instructional video for a walkthrough of how to properly use the documents.

Step 1. Download the documents

Step 2. Watch the instructional video

Optional: Read our written walkthrough

For a detailed written walkthrough of how to use Green Hill’s submission documents and how to best format your manuscript, read our blog post below.

How to submit your manuscript to Green Hill Publishing

How to submit your manuscript to Green Hill Publishing

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Nearly every publisher, no matter how big or small, has guidelines for manuscript submissions. Green Hill Publishing is no different. Read this blog and learn about our submission guidelines and how to use our templates. 

Correctly name your files.

To help our designers navigate your files, please follow the steps below to save your manuscript and images correctly

1. Naming your manuscript

    • All images and captions are to be inserted in the manuscript (if images are present in the text)
    • Ensure the manuscript is styled in accordance with our Green Hill Submission Guideline Documents.
    • Save your manuscript as a singular Microsoft Word Document (.docx)
    • Name your manuscript document in the following way: FirstnameLastname_ManuscriptTitle_ddmmyy (eg. JohnSmith_TheGreen_220323)

2. Naming your images and graphics

    • The quality of the images must be 300dpi or more to maintain quality
    • If images are present in the manuscript itself, make sure they are at 100% size. Do not enlarge or shrink images.
    • If you intend an image to be full page, if must have a 3mm bleed allowance.
    • Image documents are to be titled with the page they appear on and their caption (e.g. 12 Our childhood home)
    • All images are to be submitted as jpg, tiff, or psd files only.

Use our submission form.

Now that your manuscript and files fit our submission guidelines, you’re ready to submit!

Please use the button below to submit your manuscript and fill out the required information. The team at Green Hill will contact you shortly after you submit.*

*We have a very quick turn-around time and will often get back to our submissions within 48 business hours. If we do not get back to you within that time, please send us a follow-up email to: