Book editing services

Have you written a book and need it edited? Editing is a key part of the process to produce a successful book – it is worth every cent invested.

Send us a copy of your manuscript and our senior editor will provide a professional assessment for $125.

The level of editing for your manuscript is based on how much work your manuscript needs.


Your book is pretty much complete. It’s a “good read” and you just want to clean up the text for printing.

We’ll read your book and correct the following:

  • spelling
  • capitalisation errors
  • typos
  • punctuation errors
  • minor grammatical errors
  • formatting

Full Edit

Here’s where we help you turn a good story into a great one. We’ll examine your style, organisation, sentence structure, word choice and more…

In addition to proofreading we’ll look at:

  • sentence structure
  • word choice
  • repetitiveness
  • grammatical choices
  • clarity and sense
  • awkward phrasing
  • rhythm


Some books have problems that are embedded in the structure. We’ll look for loose ends, poor characterisation and plotting, and other issues that keep a book from realising its full potential. We would also consider it a rewrite if the sentence structure or word usage is extremely poor.

In addition to a full edit we’ll also look at:

  • structural choices
  • characterization
  • plot consistency
  • overall structure
  • loose ends to tie up
  • momentum

Depending on the number of words and the amount of work that’s necessary our rates are as follows:

(please notes prices are ex GST)

Number of Words

Proofreading ($)

Full Edit ($)

Rewriting ($)


200 + GST

400 +GST

600 +GST


300 + GST

600+ GST

900 +GST


400 + GST

800 + GST

1200 + GST


500 + GST

1000 + GST

1500 + GST


600 + GST

1200 + GST

1800 + GST


700 + GST

1400 + GST

2100 + GST


800 + GST

1600 + GST

2400 + GST


900 + GST

1800 + GST

2700 + GST


1000 + GST

2000 + GST

3000 + GST


1100 + GST

2200 + GST

3300 +GST


1200 + GST

2400 + GST

3600 + GST

Editing – Terms of Service

The cost of editing services are out lined above based on the number of words to be edited.

Our editors will review your finalised manuscript as a Microsoft Word document using the track changes tool so that changes and the reason for those changes are clearly visible. Comments will be seen in the margin of the document returned to you. Upon completion of editing and your review of the edited document, the editor will be available to discuss the edited manuscript by telephone.

Additional significant work on the manuscript may be subject to additional charges but this will be confirmed after negotiation. This is a rare occurrence and might apply when the author requires major structural changes to the document. Additional charges can be costed at an hourly rate.

Please note that re-submission of an altered manuscript (subsequent to the submission of the finalised manuscript) may incur additional cost especially if the editor has to commence the process from the beginning. Editing a resubmitted manuscript, after the author has implemented changes, often requires the manuscript to be re-edited in  its entirely and incurs new editing fees.

However if the author uses Microsoft Word track changes on sections of the manuscript, and as a result the changes can be easily identified by the editor, then the editor can edit these sections on an hourly rate basis.