Non-fiction Books

The power of non-fiction writing

Non-fiction books can be extremely powerful. They can provide a platform for those with unique skills and interests to pass on that knowledge to a larger audience. They also can provide a space for those with unique life experiences to share their journey, both as catharsis but also to share helpful insight for those who may be going through similar aspects.

Some common types of non-fiction

Personal projects

Unsure if your project fits into a particular category? Or perhaps you want to commercialise the project but you only want a few copies. You may be wanting a Personal Project instead. Find out more about Personal Projects here.

Business books

If you are in business, books are a powerful lever – a lever establishes your business credentials and expertise. You can become a respected expert in your field as soon as your book hits the shelves. Imagine gaining new high-value clients as you present your book as an authoritative source of information.

With a book you can monetise your existing expertise and/or attract new customers.

For those writing a business book, Green Hill can advise on three extremely powerful business-lever strategies that anyone who is interested in using book publishing to build their business’ marketing prowess:

  • Amazon optimization marketing
  • Linked in marketing
  • Book funnels*

* Please note while all 3 strategies have their own unique advantage, a book funnel will let you keep all potential customer data (as contrasted with Amazon optimisation).