Green Hill knows the ABCs of self-publishing a children’s book. You can self-publish a children’s book with just 12 pages (or more) on beautiful durable gloss paper.


Marketing Your Book

As a children’s book author you have a great advantage in promoting your self publishing endeavour.

Organising readings at schools, creches and day care centres are fantastic platforms to spread word and excitement about your new children’s book, and possibly to set up sales.

There are so many of our authors who have succeeded with a children’s book targeted at a specific audience. We’d love to be able to advise you on how a children’s book can not only contribute to the development of children (helping parents and educators alike) but can also turn a dollar!



Self Published Children's books

Illustration turns a good children’s book into a great children’s book! Finding an illustrator that suits your vision and budget can be difficult. Green Hill will work with you one-on-one to determine your project requirements and connect you with one of our illustrators.

We have a stable of some of Australia’s best illustrators offering a range of price options, one which will suit your project.

You will not only receive gorgeous illustrations for your book, but will be supporting the Australian Arts industry.

Some of Green Hill’s children’s book designs are shown here.

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