Christian ministry books

Self publishing for Christian ministriesYour new book will be a powerful tool for outreach into the community.

Your ministry can be extended by self publishing a Christian book. At Green Hill we are experts in giving your message a voice. Your church congregation will appreciate having your teaching clearly outlined in an easy to distribute book format.

Your book in their hands is a powerful evangelistic tool that can be confidently be gifted to family, friends, employees and co-workers.

“Have a look at this book. The author is the speaker this Sunday at our church. Chapter 2 is something that might help in the situation you’re in now.”

Self published Christian books into the hands of curious readersAlternatively your book can be an effective tool summarising key teachings designed to help Christians – those teachings you’ve delivered from the pulpit.

This type of book will appeal to your current church members and those Christians who right now aren’t attending church.


What if you don’t have time to write?

It’s easy. Green Hill will take 12 of your best sermons from audio recordings, transcribe them to text and have an experienced Christian editor make them ready to print. You only need to write a Dedication and Introduction of about 300 words.

How can you fund your new book?

If you have a congregation of more than 40 people or a social media network of followers, funding you book production is easy. Green Hill’s crowdfunding technology will let you pre-sell your book among your supporters.

When the book is launched it will be a welcome feature of your church’s bookshop and website – a potential source of revenue for many years to come.

If your ministry involves travelling to other churches, regions, cities or countries – to minister in other churches or at seminars or conferences – your book will be eagerly purchased.

Christian author’s 5th title with Green Hill