Marketing your book

The difference in marketing between traditional publishing and self-publishing

Traditional publishers will usually take over the marketing of your book. They have many established distribution channels which make the book attractive for wholesalers, retailers, buyers, and readers. They also typically make executive decisions about the book for the author which means they may require large sections of the manuscript to be re-written or edited again. Their expertise also comes at a cost to the author. Authors may only get a 5% per sale (probably even less) as a royalty payment.

Self-publishing on the other hand gives you complete control over your marketing. No matter how good your book is, as a self-publisher you need to do as much as you can to get your book to market. Books are judged by their covers and good marketing starts with the title and design of your book’s front and back cover. A great title will also draw attention. Green Hill Publishing specialises in bespoke, quality book design and will make your book market ready.

Many authors market their book online through social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) or via online retailers such as Amazon.

Can Green Hill market my book?

For authors who need some help with marketing, Green Hill provides a turnkey end-to-end service for self-published authors and organisations. These services range from writing, editing, illustration, book design, print, distribution (wholesaling and retailing), and promotion and are explored when final content is received.

Green Hill provides a highly competitive print supply service that includes a wide range of options including the ability to print in Australia or overseas. Where a book is printed depends on quality, production values and price factors.

Distribution through Green Hill can be offered through a variety of means (depending on the specifics of each book) and may include (but not limited to) the following package offerings.

Compare our marketing packages

Advisory service on distribution strategy (e.g. marketing plan)
ISBN registration and metadata management (optimisation/metadata enhancement)
Listing with Title Page (Australia's database for book retailers). Shops will be able to find and stock your book
Listing library distribution services
Online international distribution through Amazon, Book Depository and Booktopia, among many others
Social media graphic creation (e.g. 3D book renderings, flipbooks ['look inside' sample], Instagram posts, Facebook banner, poster)
Amazon KDP consultancy
Goodreads listing

2 hours

$110 per hour

Choice of 1-2 services*

5 hours

$110 per hour

Choice of 4-5 services*

12 hours

$110 per hour

Includes most services*

*Specific services available for each package will be need to be discussed with our marketing professional