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Our value-packed WordPress Website development offering

$1,000 (+GST)

Why have an author website?

With an author website, you can promote your books and author brand exactly how you want. A Green Hill author website gives you a platform to connect with your readers and show them what you’re all about, while also giving you a dedicated space to market and sell your books.

If you sell through a bookstore, online or brick-and-mortar, the distributors and retailers take part of the profit from every one of your sales. With your own website, you cut out the middleman and reap the benefits.

What Green Hill can do for you

Green Hill Publishing can host, design, build, and maintain your author website at a competitive rate exclusively using the WordPress platform, a fully scalable web solution that gives its users the power to build websites that are fit for purpose no matter what your requirements. 

With WordPress, you will have control over functions and costs. Our developers and designers will build an author website that can scale or change direction (with further development) in any way you want.

Author website pages we offer

A landing page is a type of homepage that gives viewers a little taste of everything on the website straightaway. For an author, it tells viewers who you are as a writer and that you have a book they should read. Above all the landing page gives viewers little pieces of information to get them interested: snapshots of the book, you, reader testimonials or reviews, and more.

From there, the site breaks off into pages that give viewers more categorised information.

About the Author

With the About the Author page, you can let the readers know about you and why you wrote your book. This page is basically where you show them your face and tell them some things about you and what you’re interested in. By doing this, you become more than a question mark and instead someone they can see and know and relate to. Furthermore, being more personable like this is a good way to start building a loyal readership.

About the Book

Your homepage will showcase your book and give viewers an initial idea, but the About the Book page is where your book can really take over the spotlight. This page is where you can show potential readers your blurb, some sample interior pages, and graphics that bring your book to life. In addition, you can put whatever testimonials and reviews you have for the specific book on this page.

Whether you have one book or ten, the shop page is undeniably an important one. This page holds all of the information and relevant data about your book, for instance the price, dimensions, pages, format and anything else that the reader needs to know when deciding to buy your book.

If you want to, you can sell other products that are related to your book through the shop page, for example official merchandise or your art/photography that appears in the book.

Use contact forms to simultaneously encourage your readers to get in contact with you and receive testimonials you can use to promote your books. This section also gives readers a clear and simple platform to tell you what they thought of your book or ask a question about you and your projects.

Your blog is an ever expanding and changing platform that gives you the opportunity to talk. You can let viewers peek behind the scenes, read deleted chapters, see upcoming projects the list is only as endless as your imagination. Blogs are also particularly good to keep your website active and evolving while also getting your readers interacting with you and your products.

Media kits are a great way for authors to promote themselves and their author brand especially self-published authors. This page gives anyone exactly what they need if they want to talk about you or your book, whether they have a website, blog, or even magazine or newspaper. Generally, a media kit will include the following: author information, booking information, a media release for your current book, any information about your past books, and even suggestions for interview questions.

Image Gallery

Image galleries are a dedicated space that lets the visual content of your book shine while at the same time getting people interested in your book. They are particularly perfect for photography books, cookbooks, memoirs, biographies any project that features a larger number of photographs.

Video Gallery

Video content is a good way to personalise your author website, and if you’re wanting to feature quite a few videos then a gallery is an effective way to display them. Useful video content for an author could come in many forms, including vlogs of your writing journey, or video tutorials if your book is instructional.

Key Features

    • Powerful, flexible, and easy to use content management system (WordPress CMS). Infinitely scalable to handle as much content as you require.
    • Up to 10 pages in initial build of website.
    • No special computer skills needed to manage site ongoing. Personal training with designer before launch.
    • Your own unique domain (URL) hosted by Green Hill.
    • Stripe shopping cart.
    • SEO (search engine optimisation).
    • Links to and from social media accounts.
    • Responsive design for viewing on mobile devices like tablets and phones.
    • Initial training session and then yearly ongoing support.

Please note: More detail about website development can be found on the Terms of Service page.

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Website set-up
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Professional header design
Social media logo files
Personal training

Green Hill


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Author websites



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Templated DIY

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less than 4,000

Templated DIY

*Comparison of website offerings accurate from February 2024

Website Terms of Service


Green Hill can be contracted to produce a multiple page website at a URL of your choice at an additional cost to the publishing package.

Inclusions: Website construction includes:

  • home page and sub-page design based on book artwork.
  • up to 10 sub-pages, including basic optimisation for Search engines e.g. Google.
  • page content must be provided in a Microsoft Word document (including images) with each page title clearly identified before commencement of building the site.
  • up to 3 blog post entries – content to be provided as a Microsoft Word document.
  • up to 5 gallery images – content to be provided as .jpg files.
  • purchase of a URL – registered for 1 year.
  • 12 months hosting (with the option to remain or transfer to other hosting service at the conclusion of the initial 12 months).
  • Shop using Stripe account – authors must establish a Stripe account.
  • up to two products set up in shop.
  • links to author’s previously established Facebook and/or Twitter and one additional social media account e.g.
    Instagram, YouTube.
  • one hour training session.
  • guaranteed and maintained for 1 year OR up to 2 hours specific maintenance – Ongoing Maintenance Packages

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): While pages can be optimised for keywords, building of a website does not include top Google rankings.

Alterations: A one hour training session will be conducted enabling the author to implement changes to content. Green Hill can implement changes after the launch of the website but this will incur additional charges based on an hourly rate of $100.00 + GST. If specifications for any component are changed after initial specifications/ instructions have been given this is deemed to be a variation/alteration.


  • Design is based on industry leading open source Content Management System (CMS) theme. Details of the theme can be provided on request. Style changes including changes to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) may be charged at an hourly rate ($100.00 + GST per hour) in addition to Website Package.
  • Inclusion of scripts and alterations to php code can be implemented at an hourly rate but is considered development additional to the standard Website Package. Plugins that render pages/posts may need modifications to php scripts and will incur additional fees.
  • Functionality additional to the standard CMS installation can be implemented at an hourly rate of $100.00 + GST + cost of materials.
  • Advanced customisation of shopping cart software e.g. establishment of shipping zones, multiple unit shipping prices and php customisation will incur additional fees.

Developer functions: A Green Hill website does not provide administrator access to the web backend (including Cpanel) nor does it provide access to SQL databases, php (or other scripted functions) to any other developers. Website files can be provided for porting to a different hosting service but this will incur a charge not less than $275.00. Green Hill remains the website developer for the life of the website.

Hosting and URL (website address): A Green Hill website incurs annual hosting fees after the first year of operation i.e. for the second year of operation. In addition, owners of URLs will incur all renewal costs. URL’s remain the property of Green Hill unless purchased directly from a domain name registration service by the author or by prior specification/negotiation.