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Childrens illustration

We have a great stable of talented illustrators, each with their own unique style. Just head over to our website to see some samples and get inspired for your childrens book.

What makes good childrens illustration?

Illustration in a childrens book should give more to the story, not just repeat the text. When you’re storyboarding your childrens book, think about how you can expand your story through the illustrations and show new information that compliments the text.
Want to have a look at some samples of what our illustrations look like when printed? Provide us with your childrens book project scope and receive our sample book!

Vignette illustrations vs full page illustrations

Talk to your illustrator about what your story needs. Their fees for a vignette or a full page may differ, so consider your budget when deciding between the two. A single childrens book can have both vignette (or spot) illustrations and full page illustrations, you don’t need to just have the one kind.
Vignette illustrations don’t cover the whole page and can be placed to fit around the text without the illustrator needing add blank space for the text. They can be large and fill most of the page, or smaller and have more text.
Vignette illustration children holding handsVignette illustration mermaid in a jar
Full page illustrations take up the whole page. The text can either sit within the illustration in a blank or less busy space, or the text can sit on a blank page next to the illustration.
full page illustration dark and moody ship full page illustration lovely lines mother and children reading in jungle

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