Producing a winning audiobook is both art and science.


What is the benefit of an audiobook?

Audiobooks are an increasingly popular form of book as they provide several benefits for both the author and the reader. These benefits include:

    1. Accessibility
    2. Convenience
    3. Engagement
    4. Revenue
    5. Market reach

Types of audiobooks


This type of audiobook is the one most people think about when they think “audiobook”. An unabridged audiobook presents the original book in its entirety, preserving each word and detail exactly as it is in print. They provide a comprehensive reading experience by giving listeners the complete content of the book.


Audiobooks that have been edited to reduce the length are abridged audiobooks. These audiobooks are versions of the original text that have been condensed by omitting certain sections or passages to streamline the narrative while keeping the essence of the story.


When an audiobook has more than one voice actor for the different perspectives or characters, or includes sound effects and music, this is called a dramatised audiobook. The addition of multiple voice actors and sound effects works to enhance the storytelling experience and create a highly immersive presentation of the book.


Alternative to dramatised audiobooks, a narrated audiobook features one voice actor and doesn’t include any sound effects or music. This singular voice actor may put on different voices to indicate different perspectives or speaking characters, but overall a narrated audiobook is a straightforward, uninterrupted delivery of the book.

Virtual voices (AI audiobooks)

With the rise of AI, virtual voiced audiobooks has become an option on many platforms. Most are in their beta stage or only available in certain countries, however. The benefit of an AI audiobook is that they are often cheaper and therefore more accessible for self-published authors. But the downfalls of this technology at this stage is they lack the emotion and feeling that human voice actors can embue into a recording, and many aren’t completely accurate regarding pronunciation. 

Where can I sell my audiobook?

As audiobooks are an e-format, they are distributed and sold on online platforms, including but not limited to the following retailers:

    • Amazon Audible
    • Google Books
    • Apple Books

It’s also possible to get your audiobook into libraries on resources such as Libby.

How much does an audiobook cost?

Just like your manuscript, every audiobook job is unique and can depend on a variety of factors. These factors can include the following:

    • Book length
    • Narrator fees
    • Audiobook type

To find out how much it would cost to turn your book into an audiobook, enquire about your audiobook today!

How can Green Hill help produce my audiobook?

Through our service Audiobook Lab, Green Hill offers a comprehensive audiobook service to help you produce a premium audiobook product. Our team understands the nuances of audiobook production, ensuring that each step from recording and editing to the cover design meets the high standards of the competitive market.

Premium voice talent actors

We have a diverse network of talented voice actors, ensuring you get the right fit for your book regardless of the tone, genre, and character. Careful consideration is taken to cast the right voice actor for your book, enhancing the reader’s experience and enjoyment and helping to bring your book to life.

Professional book cover designers

Green Hill Publishing specialises in professional and bespoke book covers for our authors, and our audiobook service is no different. Our skilled designers will seamlessly adapt your book cover into an audiobook format, making sure that it adheres to the requirements of all major audiobook retailers while standing out among others in the market.

What is our audiobook production process?

  1. Fill out the audiobook briefing form and supply a 1-3 minute (around 160–480-word) passage for a sample read by our voice talent actors. In casting your actor, there are two options:
    • Let us cast 1-3 of our voice talent actors who fit your requirements; or
    • Choose 1-3 of our voice talent actors that you believe fit your needs.
  2. Provide pronunciation guides of uncommon or original words to help the recording process go smoothly. These words could include names, geography, etc. You will need to provide one email with individual voice clips and a document listing the words as they are written.
  3. Once a decision has been made, a 50% payment deposit is required. After payment, the chosen voice talent actor will read and record the rest of your book!
  4. While the recording process is underway, our book cover designers will adapt your audiobook cover.
  5. When the read is complete, the audio is edited to ensure a professional product.
  6. You will be sent the audiobook file to review. Any pickups required due to talent or production error will be rectified at no charge.
  7. Any changes submitted by the author will be at our hourly rate.
  8. Once the files are ready, your recording and book cover are distributed on online audiobook retailers. These platforms can include Amazon Audible, Google Books, Apple Books, or others.
    • Formatting of the audio files will be completed by Green Hill according to specifications of the particular streaming platform/s chosen.

    Note: Changes to the audiobook after the files have been uploaded can be made, but this will come at an additional fee.

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