High-end book binding and print finishes

Green Hill Publishing can design your personal publishing project to be beautiful and timeless by taking into account high-end print finishes.

As personal projects become treasured keepsakes or family heirlooms, they often feature highly technical design in the interior of the book, and the covers are commonly hardback with high-quality treatments such as embossing, debossing, foiling, spot-gloss, and more.

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1. High-end book covers

This first example includes:

  • Section sewn binding
  • Quarter bound cover (1/4 leather, 3/4 cloth)
  • Debossed with printed glue insert
  • Cloth slip case
high end print cover example 1.1
high end print cover example 1.3
high end print cover example 1.2
high end print cover example 1.4

This second example includes:

  • Landscape format (A4)
  • Quarter bound cover (case bound printed cover with 1/4 cloth binding)

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high end print cover example 2.1
high end print cover example 2.2

2. High-end book interiors

Depending on your books needs and your budget, you can choose between black and white printing or colour printing. The type of paper that you choose can be influenced by the colour of your interior, too. Talk to your book designer and get their opinion on your book’s interior.

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high end print colour interior
high end print black and white interior

3. Gatefold family tree

Family tree’s are often quite large and cannot fit nicely onto one or two pages. Using a gatefold in your book allows you to have the family tree on one page that is folded and concealed within the book.

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high end print gatefold family tree folded
high end print gatefold family tree unfolded

4. Slip cases

Organising a slip case for your personal project can help ensure that the volumes are protected and can stand the test of time. It also gives your project sophistication and importance.

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high end print debossing on leather-look slip case
high end print debossing and gold foil slip case
high end print debossing on cloth slip case

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