General Printing Services

When it comes to promoting your new book you can use simple things like posters, flyers, bookmarks/bookstubs, and author business cards. Green Hill has a range of affordable options.

Note on Artwork – you can DIY or Green Hill can produce. Artwork needed from Green Hill will incur a fee.

There are a wide range of book marketing options available

1. Posters advertising your book

If you have placed your book on consignment in local bookshops don’t underestimate the value of a simple poster. They will help your book move out from the pack into the spotlight.

Get your new book in front of potential readers.

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2. Flyers

Cheaper than a bookmark, printing up flyers can be effective. A community cookbook increased sales when flyers were dropped in 1,000 letterboxes across the suburb and adjoining areas.

The flyer showed the editorial team, writers, and photographers involved, with a link to a shopping cart website where the book was sold.

As a result, 192 books sold in just 2 weeks with ongoing sales (5 or 6 each week) happening regularly as people saw the cookbook and asked where it was purchased.

Multiple flyers were left at a pet shop advertising a dog obedience book and its accompanying owner-pet training sessions. The result was book sales, training course bookings, and an happy author.

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3. Bookmarks/bookstubs

They are simple but they work. When you sell a book, insert a bookmark so the reader can hand on to a friend.

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4. Author business cards

To introduce yourself to others as a published author an upmarket business card exudes confidence.

When the plumber asks for you phone details let him know you are a published author by giving him a author business card.

The card can include an image of your book(s) on the reverse side and/or your image. You contacts will be intrigued and impressed that they have spoken to someone of note.

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5. Banners

Great for book launches and library talks. Make a splash with a great quality banner featuring the book artwork.

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Amazing Print Deals

Don't pay too much to print your book.

Green Hill has an unbeatable print solution on quality and price for Print-on-Demand (POD), offset, digital toner, and digital inkjet book printing solutions. You might have seen publishing companies offering crazy prices on production, but the catch is sky-high print prices.

This table details the printing prices for a standard size, 200 page paperback book, colour cover, black and white interior, 200 copies. Please note the purpose of this table is not exact at the time of viewing and is to be used only as a reference.