Fiction Novels

What makes up a fiction novel?

Fiction novels are one of the most common books in the market. They’re comprised of standard parts, including:
  • Front matter
      • Half-title page
      • Title page
      • Copyright page
      • A dedication
      • Contents page
      • A prologue
  • Chapters
  • Standard back matter
      • Epilogue
      • Acknowledgements
      • About the author
      • Previous/upcoming works

This genre usually features a simple, black-and-white interior, and is printed on cream, low- to mid-quality paper as an industry standard. Choosing these print parametres will make sure that you’re able to sell your book at a price you can profit from and the reader can afford.

Kinds of fiction

There are many ways to distinguish these two literary forms, but the general distinction between the two are as follows:
Genre fiction is typically formulaic, uses tropes, and is plot-driven. It’s conventional and easily recognisable to similar works.
Literary fiction aims to be realistic and character-driven. These works are often highly complex and usually can’t be categorised into a specific genre.
Young Adult (YA) fiction is typically targeted towards the ages of 13-18 years and features protagonists of the same age bracket.
This form is more commonly written as genre fiction and focuses on themes including:
  • Coming of age
  • Friendships
  • First love
  • Identity.
YA fiction usually has a happy ending, or at least one where the problems have been resolved.
New Adult Fiction (NA) is the transition stage between from YA fiction to Adult fiction. New Adult (NA) fiction targets people aged from around 18-30 years. This kind of fiction can be written in any genre and tends to have a protagonist of a similar age to the target audience.
NA fiction usually focuses on themes that affect people in this stage of life, such as:
  • Leaving home
  • Developing their individuality
  • Deciding higher education/career options
  • Loosing innocence
  • Empowerment
To sum it up, NA focuses on how one deals with becoming an adult.
Like YA, NA usually has a happy ending that resolves the issues within the book. NA fiction is often genre-based fiction, but can certainly include literary fiction as well.
In Adult Fiction, the protagonists are usually older than they are in YA or NA, with 20 years old being the absolute youngest. Though it’s not necessary, adult fiction can include mature themes in much more detail than the previous two kinds due to its intended audience.
Adult fiction can come in any genre the writer likes, and often has a central theme of the following:
  • Existential musings
  • What makes us adults
  • The experience gained from a life journey
Unlike YA or NA, Adult fiction doesn’t always have a happy or satisfying ending.

Getting your fiction novel into bookstores

Green Hill Publishing sets your book up with online distribution, making your book available for purchase through online bookstores including Amazon, Booktopia, and Book Depository. We can also advise on library services and how to get your book into libraries across the country. Green Hill also has links to other distribution companies that can help get your book into brick-and-mortar stores.

The most important thing about getting your book into a bookstore is making sure that it fits proper marketing parameters—and your book designer can help you make sure it does.

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