Childrens Books

What is a children’s book?

There are two categories of children’s bookschildren’s picture book and children’s chapter book. These can then be further broken down into what age group they are intended for.
Regardless, all children’s books should have a more simplified language and a plot (a start, middle, and end).
  • Typically 32 pages.
  • Standard book size is 216 x 216mm (square) or 203 x 254mm (portrait).
  • Made up of illustrations and text.
  • Illustrations should complement the text rather than repeating it by adding more detail.
  • Can be printed saddlestitch, casebound, and as a board book (depending on the size of the book).
  • Typically 4,000 – 10,000 words.
  • Can have illustrations contained within, for example as chapter openings.
  • Typically printed in black and white.

Getting Illustration

Commissioning illustrations for a children’s book can be tricky. Let Green Hill Publishing simplify the process.
Green Hill Publishing has access to a portfolio of illustrators showcased on our site. Here you will find samples from illustrators who we regularly work with to produce high-quality children’s books. Able to stick to a budget and a timeline, these illustrators will help you achieve your vision for your children’s book.
If you want to learn a little more about illustration, head over to our illustration page.
Vignette illustration children holding hands
full page illustration lovely lines mother and children reading in jungle

Printing a childrens board book

Childrens board books are a sturdy book made for our youngest of audiences (around 0 – 5 years of age). They differ from other types of books by using a hard board material for the interior of the book instead of paper pages.
In the recent past, board books were typically printed overseas in bulk print runs to be affordable for both author and reader. We are now proud to announce that we have found a solution to this unfortunate oversight.
Our childrens book authors wanting to print their books as board books can now enjoy a short-run printing option just like any other author printing paperback books. This newly available technology allows authors to print very short print runs of their books and still maintain an affordable price! We recommend beginning with runs of 20 – 50 copies of your book.
Childrens board book printing pages
Childrens board book printing cover
Childrens board book printing open

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