Personal Projects

Some publishing projects are more personal than others. We define a ‘personal publishing project’ as a project not undertaken for profit or even volume of readership.

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Do you have a detailed recount of your family’s history? A community project to publish? A personal memoir that you intend only a few people to read? Green Hill Publishing has the solution for you. Submit your project details here and we can advise you on how to get started.

How do I know if my book is a personal project?

People wanting personal projects are those who require only small print runs to be able to give their book to their families, their friends, or even their work colleagues. They may also only want to ‘publish’ for themselves. These authors aren’t wanting to distribute their books to a wider audience. If your project fits within these parameters, then it fits under the label of a personal project. Any personal project is valid and publishable, and Green Hill can work to make yours cost effective.

Printing quality and quantity

The price of printing your book is highly dependant on the quantity of print and the paper, cover, and the number of treatments. Green Hill works with a number of printers and can recommend a print solution for you that best fits your project and budget.
As personal projects become treasured keepsakes or family heirlooms, they often feature highly technical design in the interior of the book, and the covers are commonly hardback with high-quality treatments such as embossing, debossing, foiling, spot-gloss, and more.
To see some examples of the kind of superb quality and high prestige printing Green Hill can offer you for your personal publishing project, see our high end printing solutions page.

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