Your book’s cover design is critical to its success.

Green Hill’s senior specialist book designer will personally design your book cover. The process will move from initial brief to refinement, to print.


Steven Acuff is an accomplished self-published author, who lives in Melbourne but is internationally known as a leading expert in his field. Steven approached Green Hill with a well-developed concept for the cover for his latest book. The design was good (see Design Stage1: Brief below) but we knew we could do better. Our cover design is INCLUDED in the price of every publishing package…  yes, it’s amazing value!



“I found David Walters’ Green Hill self-publishing team in Adelaide by surfing the Internet. What a stroke of luck! They took my manuscript on the subject of food for better health and turned it into a first-class book with a cover design that gets frequent praise from readers. I became part of the team as they always responded at once to my emails about the details of the project and were quick to include my suggestions in their work. The book is selling well and a second edition is a certainty. I have recommended Green Hill to friends who want to self publish.”

HOW WE DESIGNED EATING THE WU WAY COVERCover design for self published books