Three simple self-publishing plans, gimmick-free.



self-publishing plan

This plan will give you everything you need to quickly move your title into print and into the marketplace with a fantastic looking book, professionally designed and all ready for the printing press.


$1,895 + GST: $2,085

self-publishing plan

Welcome to the world of print meets the internet. Get your book professionally designed and printed plus establish your own website where you can sell your book online! This way you won’t need to pay a third party like Amazon all those costly commission fees.

You will have a fully functioning bespoke website (not a cheap template) that you are free to administer and run your very own e-commerce shop with the proceeds of sales going directly into your account! You’ve written the book, you’ve made the investment, you keep the profits.


$2,795 + GST: $3,074

start now self publishing plan

Start Now
self-publishing plan

Are you feeling unsure if your publishing dream will come at a great personal financial cost?  The reality is that many readers worldwide are interested in what you have to say. We can help you to crowdfund your publishing project. Crowdfunding will help you to raise funds for your project and generate pre-sales.

We will help you to fund your project. It’s simple. It’s safe. It’s proven.


$500 + GST: $550

What’s included in the Packages?

Essentials and Premium self-publishing plans

Australia’s best value self publishing packages include…

  • initial one-on-one consultation, business and marketing advice
  • beautiful high impact  cover design by experienced book designers… don’t just settle for graphic designer.
  • typesetting – choose from our wide range of typefaces and graphic layouts
  • purchase of ISBN
  • 2 rounds of author’s correctionsat electronic proofing (PDF) stage.
  • proof – a comprehensive draft of your book complete with colour cover delivered to your door
  • print with a choice of high quality finishes  – gloss or matt laminate cover, choice of interior stock (cream or crisp white)
  • you own all copyrights including to typesetting and design. (Other publishing houses and printing trade enquiries are most welcome.)
  • a high quality website complete with e-commerce shopping cart, custom graphics, discussion forum* #
  • access to distribution channels to thousands of bookshops worldwide

* only available as a part of the Premium publishing plan  # this offer does not apply to other publishers and printers using the design services of Green Hill Publishing – individual authors only

+ Corrections are not re-submission of entire manuscripts for re-typesetting. Corrections are limited and minor changes to text (not structural changes to the book layout)  – 20 minor changes 1st round, 5 minor changes second round. Re-submission of entire manuscripts will incur a cost to re-typeset the book.

++ please note 5 interior images are included in the Essentails Publishing Package, 10 interior images are included in the Premium Publishing Package – books with more than 5 and 10 interior images need to be quoted

+++ cookbooks and books with complex page layouts may required a separate quotation

++++ books with greater than 70,000 words may incur additional typesetting costs

Do you need more detailed information?
See our Terms of Service  l  See our Trading Terms

Speciality books at Green Hill

The following books will need to be assessed and a tailored Proposal presented back to you:

  • Childrens books – usually much lower than the Standard or Premium packages
  • Cookbooks – usually a little higher than the Standard or Premium packages
  • Custom books  – those needing extra, sometimes complex design work and perhaps nuanced printing. These might be business or scientific works, graphic history books, training manuals etc  Let’s talk!

Plain speak about our competitors.

The Australian self-publishing market is dominated by large American companies who have an Australian website and a small office in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.

When you sign one of their complicated contracts (drafted by powerful American law firms) your manuscript is sent to the US for processing by head office.  These are the three major issues you will have to contend with ongoing:

  • royalties – these companies will take a levy for every book you sell (some up to 55% of the retail price) leaving you with under 15% after negotiation.
  • you do not own artwork. Cover design is a particular concern. Often you’ll need the written permission from the company’s graphic designer located in US, Mexico or The Philippines. If you want to feature the book cover on the internet e.g. on Facebook, you’ll have to get the permission of the graphic designer (and sometimes pay an extra fee). You will not be able to speak to the graphic designer – the relationship is controlled by the account manager and she/he tries to convey your design needs to a third party. Can you meet with the company? Yes, but “you’ll have to fly to the Eastern states of the USA”.
  • pricing and inclusions – these companies offer a perplexing array of inclusions at a 30-40% “discount” from their exorbitant original price. The inclusions include absolutely valueless items like “business cards” and “book stubs”. It looks like you are getting a lot of stuff – but most of it is useless. They offer “free” copies of your book. They are not free but included in the high price.

We're not just a self-publishing company, we are an assisted publishing company - partnering you in your publishing journey.

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