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Why it's important...

Your book design remains a critical factor in your book’s overall success.

At US, UK and Canadian companies, you will work within a structure that does not give you direct access to the person(s) who will be designing your book cover and book interior. Most often your key point of contact will be an account manager or even salesperson who will discuss your needs and then try to communicate those with the book designer. It’s like a game of ‘Chinese whispers’.

And just try to call a US, UK or Canadian company at 2pm Melbourne or Sydney time. If anyone answers the phone it certainly won’t be the book designer!

This is a formula for a book design you don’t want.

At Green Hill you will discuss your requirements with our Senior Book Designer. This means your designer understands your needs perfectly.

How US, UK and Canadians work…

How US, UK an

How Green Hill works…

Hoe Green Hill works with authors



You prepare the interior - we do the cover, print and marketing.




A complete professional solution giving your project every chance of success.




An advanced professional solution involving complex design work. Cookbooks, manuals, and other complex non-fiction.

Starts at $3,250

Our services

  • book cover design
  • book interior design and professional typesetting
  • book printing  – traditional and print-on-demand (POD)
  • editing and proofing
  • ebooks and digital services
  • online distribution e.g. Amazon and Booktopia
  • promotion
  • complex periodical production – workflow system


Melbourne Steamship Building - Green Hill Publishing - Studio 1 and Studio 2

Green Hill is our city’s leading-edge self-publishing company. Our authors are located in all parts of Melbourne from Frankston to Cambellfield and right throughout country Victoria. If you are looking to self-publish in Melbourne we can help with initial advice through our obligation free consultancy.

So how can I publish my book?

If you are you a Melbourne author self publishing a book, Green Hill will lead a project team to make sure it becomes a reality.

Green Hill will build a team led by an experienced account manager – that’s something you’t won’t get from other book publishers in Melbourne. We will print at Australia’s best value print-on-demand (POD) printer right here in Melbourne ready for distribution throughout Australian and available worldwide.

We will form a project team with your own personal account manager, to deliver your project on time and on budget – that’s something you’re unlikely to get from other book publishers in Melbourne. See the section on this page: How does the self-publishing process work?

Green Hill prides itself in being lean (but not mean). Our overheads are low. Much of our business comes from other states where we successfully compete with larger outfits who struggle with higher rents and other costs of doing business.

Unlike other Melbourne publishers, we offer a complete range of services including being able to offer great book printing solutions from printers in Melbourne and the best printers in other states and overseas.

And we are the Melbourne publishing company expert in ebook production and getting your new book into bookshops throughout Australia and worldwide.


How does the self-publishing process work?

While there are quite a few Melbourne publishers Green Hill is ready to start your project with our simple and proven Self Publishing 4 Bases © project management method. Below is the easy and simple steps to a successful self-publishing project.

1. Discovery – Your objectives for self-publishing are reviewed and research udertaken:

  • financial and business objectives
  • potential readership
  • budget
  • timelines

2. Framing – recommended self-publishing options for you:

  • review the content of your book
  • media –  print, ebook, audiobook, media, and website decisions are made
  • production plan – how the book will be put together

3. Production – it’s in our design studio – the book becomes reality

4. Distribution and marketing – Readers in Melbourne, Victoria and across Australia and worldwide will be able to access copies of your book.

  • Distribution channel establishment
  • Promotion of the book

Self publishing Adelaide 4 bases methodology————————————-


How long does the self -publishing process take?

Green Hill is the only Melbourne publisher that will commit to getting your book from completed manuscript to the printer within a four-week window. Our Discovery and Framing phases take 1 week, and Production 2-3 weeks if self-publishers adhere to guidelines and timelines provided.

Self publish a book in four weeks