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This year, Green Hill is making it our mission to attend as many book and writer events we can, and we’re kicking it off with the Clunes Booktown Festival! A town historically known as the epicentre of central Victoria’s gold rush in 1851, Clunes is now famous for its largest collection of books in any regional centre of Australia and the major Victorian regional book event. Read on to learn more about what the Clunes Booktown Festival is and where you can find us.

1. What is the Clunes Booktown Festival?

Featuring author and artist talks, live entertainment, workshops, and over one hundred stalls and vendors, the Clunes Booktown Festival certainly worth the visit for any booklover and especially self-published authors. There are opportunities for all authors to get involved and make their book known to the public.

The whole event runs for two full days in the historic township of Clunes, Victoria. They boast the celebration of “every aspect of the book,” including writing, reading, binding, printing, illustrating, publishing, selling, and distributing. There will be authors selling, signing, and reading their books; publishers available for chats; and more! 

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2. Where is Clunes?

Clunes is a town in rural Victoria and is a short drive from locations like Ballarat, the Grampians, and Maryborough. 

The Clunes Booktown website has a great rundown of the different travelling options you can choose to get to their town. They also have a comprehensive list of accommodation options in and around the town.

If you’re planning to drive to Clunes, it’s best to check the bushfire warnings nearby – just to be safe! 

3. Where can I find Green Hill at the Clunes Booktown Festival?

Since the festival is a whole-town event, there are many stalls, shows, workshops, and stores around for attendees to get the most out of the festival. This means, however, that it can become a bit of a rabbit-warren – especially if you’re trying to find a certain stall!

For both days of the festival, you’ll find Green Hill Publishing down in the Westly Bluestone Church Hall in Zone H, bunking in with Author Freely.

Clunes Booktown Site Plan 2024 - Logistics

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