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Going to local indie bookstores in South Australia is a great way to support your local community and book lovers in your area. Check out the list of bookstores below to find one near you!

1. Indie bookstores in South Australia: A – Z

Store  Location  Specialisation  
Collins Booksellers  Mount Gambier  General  
Dillons Bookshop  Norwood  General/Indie 
Harry Hartog Burnside  Glenside  General  
Imprints Bookshop  Adelaide  General  
Matilda Bookshop  Stirling  General/Childrens/Gardening  
Meg’s Bookshop  Port Pirie  General/Children’s/Secondhand 
Mostly Books   Torrens Park  General/Childrens 
Ravens Parlour Bookshop  Tanunda  General  
Shakespeare’s Books Blackwood  General/Childrens/Fiction 
South Seas Books and Trading   Port Elliot  General/Childrens/ 
The First Chapter Book Shop  Edinburgh  Romance 

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2. Indie bookstores in South Australia: locations

2.1 Adelaide indie bookstores

2.1.1 Imprints Booksellers – Adelaide CBD

2.1.2 Shakespeare’s Books – Blackwood, Adelaide

2.1.3 The First Chapter Book Shop – Edinburgh, Adelaide

2.1.4 Harry Hartog – Glenside, Adelaide

2.1.5 Mostly Books – Torrens Park, Adelaide

2.1.6 Dillons Bookshop – Norwood, Adelaide

2.2 Collins Booksellers – Mount Gambier

2.3 Matilda Bookshop – Stirling

2.4 The Raven’s Parlour – Tanunda

2.5 South Seas Books and Trading – Port Elliot

2.6 Meg’s Bookshop – Port Pirie

3. More Indie Bookstores

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