About our Senior Editor

Lisa Lark has been writing, editing and proofreading for more than 30 years. She has worked on a broad spectrum of material, from online marketing copy to training manuals, newsletters, articles and books; for clients including writers, academics, and businesspersons; from a wide range of areas such as fiction, computing, finance, property, legal, Government, creative industries, and more.  She has worked from clients’ notes, drafts and material drawn from interviews. Her own writing includes poetry, articles, short stories, a book, a monthly column for two publications, and numerous newsletters. An art work including a cycle of her poetry is in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the National Book Museum in The Hague.

Lisa’s education placed a strong emphasis on grammar, punctuation and spelling – she even appeared in an ABC TV spelling quiz as a child. Her degree from the University of Sydney has majors in English, Anthropology and Education; she has an interest in linguistics and languages, and has studied French, Latin and Dutch, and completed numerous writing and editing courses.

With work experience as senior administrator, translator, events coordinator, in quality assurance, mining, education, broadcasting, government and intergovernmental bodies, Lisa has also freelanced as a writer-editor for Greenpeace International. While her children were small she had a business providing writing and photography services for professionals, and a variety of businesses.  

When proofreading and editing any manuscript, Lisa is committed to ensuring that the voice of the author remains present. She knows the rules of spelling and grammar, but also understands when it’s appropriate and even powerful to break them. She reads each manuscript for a second time before returning it to the author, with all changes visible.