Independently print and market your book

Set up an IngramSpark account –

An IngramSpark account will enable you to:

For your consideration:

  • If you choose to go with this option you will need to set up the account yourself
  • You will need an ABN
  • IngramSpark will charge an annual fee of $12 US to access their services
  • The account is designed to be self-managed. IngramSpark’s Customer Service (not Green Hill) will be your first point of contact after the account setup is complete.
  • It will take 15 business days for your publication to be available through online channels once the account setup is complete.
  • You will receive 35-40% publisher compensation on RRP of your printed version (according to the price set in your IngramSpark account)
  • The first author compensation payment will be paid 3 months after the account setup is complete, followed by monthly payments thereafter.

If you choose to go with setting up an IngramSpark account, please inform Green Hill when that is complete and we will arrange for the print files to be added to your account.


To have your files added to your account you will need to complete the transfer form available below  and email to your Account Manager at

[email protected]