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The Little Book of Big Publishing Tips.

Make sure you get hold of our free help for authors. The Little Book of Big Publishing Tips will help you cut right to the chase by sidesteping all the hype and clutter.


This little book outlines the business and financial side of publishing, legal issues, design, editing and sales and marketing. There’s even a section on how to identify a vanity-publishing scam.

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We have an extensive specialist childrens book service, including:

  • mentoring
  • design
  • print
  • distribution

Get serious about childrens book publishing with mentoring by an award-winning successful childrens book professional.



If you need your childrens book illustrated you will find our stable of talented and trusted illustrators helpful. Simply choose an illustrator and we will help manage the process.

Our illustrators and graphic designers can also help with imagery for all sorts of book genres e.g. business books and academic works.



An edited book is a good book.

When you start a project with Green Hill you are entitled to a complimentary assessment of your manuscript. Our Senior Editor will read a portion of your book and provide a 2-page assessment document showing how your book might be improved.



Public relations can make you and your book known to media and other organisations everywhere.

Our senior public relations practitioner can help you get coverage in print, radio, TV and digital media e.g. podcasts.



Social media is an important part of building your author platform and generating awareness and sales.

Our social media expert can make your book known across a range of media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and specialist media like Goodreads.


Amazing Print Deals

Do not pay too much for print.

Green Hill has an unbeatable print solution on quality and price. You might have seen publishing companies offering crazy prices on production… but there’s a catch… sky-high print prices. 

This table details the printing prices for a standard size, 250 page paperback book, colour cover, mono interior, 200 copies


COMPARE THE PRICE (current January 2022)


Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to the most important book publishing project questions please provide your details and we will send a free copy of The Little Book of Big Publishing Tips.

Are you based overseas?

No,Australian publishers for authors - Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane we are the Australian company.

We have a real office, a real design studio and a team of real book designers who work from the studio.

This is a question well asked because the last thing you need as an Australian author is to be trying to call Toronto at 12 noon Sydney time to discuss your book.

Many of the UK and North American companies do have a hole-in-the wall office in Sydney or Melbourne – but you won’t have any idea who your designer is. You’ll be speaking to an account manager/salesperson.

Our office

Re Green Hill Publishing book design studio
Publishing books - our studio (part view)

Do you help with marketing and sales?

Yes. We are a full-service publisher and have capability in book distribution through retail outlets. Online retail distribution is guaranteed but physical bookshop distribution depends on a wide variety of factors. During the early stages of book production, we will assess its potential for traditional book shop distribution and provide strategic advice on how your book may achieve distribution through physical stores in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

You don’t seem to offer a range of services like the overseas providers?

No, we don’t.  We do everything that is critical to the success of your book – all the hard stuff – performing over 120 actions/tasks in making ready each title. There are simply too many of these to list.

But we don’t do the junk (and charge for it). This is because services like book stubs, book trailers, movie scripts, business cards, fake paid reviews are next to useless. Some of these can even have a negative impact not only on your hip pocket but on your reputation as an author. If you are enamored by the long lists of gimmicks offered by our UK, US and Canadian competitors (and you are prepared to pay their hefty price tag) then Green Hill is not the publishing option for you.

Having said that we can do anything. We do offer professional digital marketing services, publicity, author websites, ebooks, audiobooks, illustration, book mentoring and distribution services. And for the record, because we are committed to serving authors in any way, we can do book stubs and posters (if you really want)!

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