How we will work together with you to publish your book.

Congratulations for choosing Green Hill. We aren’t the biggest going around, but we have a great track record working with all sorts of authors to see their publishing  projects through to completion. With a 100% success rate we are arguably the most trusted.

First, let’s get clear about your contract. 

Each component of your project will be listed with a description of the service to be provided (under the Activity heading). Please note this description is not comprehensive. More information of the service to be provided can be found on the website link in the proposal document – see the yellow highlight below.

Or you can find clarification through these links: Terms of Service (how we produce the book)   and Terms of Trade (what we do and how we need to get paid)

Self publishing contract










Now… you’ve got your contract, paid a deposit. So let’s get started.

There are six stages we will work through to see your book completed.

A team of people will work on your project- an account manager will be liaising with others – editors (if required), designers, typesetters and the printer. Your account manager your central point of contact and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of your project.  During the Artwork and Design phase you might get a call from Georgina – our leading designer, sometimes its best for the designer to discuss your needs directly.


The process is shown below in 6 steps…


Green Hill will…

You will…


  1. Files – we need to get finalised files so we can start to build your book

Account manager will be in touch

Provide you with a link to our webpage where you can securely upload your files including any images. An email will detail how to go about this.
  • Provide the final files though a web link. Any manuscript uploaded to this link must be the final manuscript – additional charges will be incurred if the manuscript is required to be replaced.
  • Please name the manuscript file as “FullName Manuscript Month Year” e.g. JohnSmith ManuscriptDec2015.docx
  • Manuscript must be a Microsoft Word document. Please contact us if this proves difficult.
  • Image files must be provided and must be descriptively named. High resolution jpg files can be embedded within the manuscript document OR as separate jpg files with a clear reference in the body of the manuscript in this format < Caption: Mary Campbell’s early life File: mary campbell.jpg> .
PLEASE NOTE: No work can commence until Green Hill has all finalised files

2. Editing (if you choose to have your book professionally edited)

Account manager or the editor themselves will be in touch

  • You will be provided with an editing assessment and feedback form from our editing team which will detail and outline both costs and time involved.
  • Editing prices are for one round of edits unless otherwise stated.
  • Edits will be provided to clients as tracked changes in a Microsoft Word document – a document detailing this and how it works will be emailed to you
  • Upon completion of editing the client can choose to finalise the manuscript themselves or have the editor finalise it on their behalf for an additional charge.
  • Supply either the full manuscript or a sample portion for editing assessment
  • We ask that you thoroughly read the tracked changes and accept/reject the applicable changes.
  • The responsibility of the final manuscript remains with the client.
  • Green Hill Publishing is not responsible for any errors in printing of manuscripts provided by clients.

3. Artwork and Design

Account manager and/or Georgina will be in touch

  • An email will be sent to you which has a table for you to fill in that allows us to better understand how you see your book’s “look and feel”.
  • After we receive this back from you, we will discuss your requirements as a team and the leading designer will call you personally to discuss and better grasp the brief.
  • Fill in the email to the best of your ability. Use our style guide to assist you in choices with colour and font styles. Think about “modern” versus “traditional” and who your readers will be e.g. age, gender, occupation, interests, literacy
  • Feel free to include images of book covers which inspire you. Attached to the return email.

4. Production

Account manager will be in touch

  • During production we will send you a selection of cover concepts and an interior sample. These will be sent as PDF files by email.
  • We will undertake a round of cover changes including changing fonts, basic colour changes. After this, rounds of revisions will be charged at an hourly rate.[1]
  • We will undertake a round of minor revisions to the interior. After this, rounds of revisions will be charged at an hourly rate.[2]
  • Upon approval of interior sample we will proceed with typesetting the entire document

  • Assess the PDF files for the cover concepts and internal sample. Provide feedback by email or call.
  • Please be patient – this phase can take up to 2 weeks – we are busy amending artwork and quality checking everything.
  • You will be updated about the progress of your manuscript but check in at any time with your production manager if you need to.
  • You will be asked for final approval to send to proofing (see step 5 below).
[1] Extra cover revisions – Standard hourly rate $80 per hour + GST [2] Extra interior revisions – Standard hourly rate $80 per hour + GST


5. Proofing

Account manager will be in touch

  • A comprehensive proof copy of your book will be delivered to your door. This is a 99.9% accurate copy of what your final book will look like.
  • Take delivery of the proof and give written approval to send to the printer for multiple copies.
PLEASE NOTE: Revisions made at the proof copy stage  will incur charges for revisions, uploading of files and second proof copy.
6. Printing Account manager will be in touch
  • We have a range of print options with something to suit everyone’s budget. We will discuss these with you and provide you with quotes for proceeding forward.
  • Think about your financial objectives and how you want to distribute the book.
  • Think about how many copies you need to print, deadlines and how you will launch the book.