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Green Hill is always working to bring our authors the latest opportunities with affordable pricing. Historically, childrens board books were not something we offered as they simply weren’t viable for our authors—but this has changed.

1. What are board books?

Board books are a sturdy book and are typically produced young audiences of around 0 – 5 years of age. They’re made to be durable and better withstand rough handling, sticky fingers, and anything else that a toddler may subject to them. Board books differ from other types of books because their interior pages are made with a hard board material instead of the typical paper pages that are found in standard paperbacks and casebound books.

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2. What are the benefits of board books for children?

An obvious benefit to printing your childrens book as a board book is that they are longer lasting. This means that they have the capacity to be handed down through siblings and families, allowing your book to touch the lives of many little readers.

However, there are also numerous childhood benefits to producing your childrens book as a board book. It has been shown that young children benefit from the ability to interact with their books, and while they may be too rough to handle a standard paper-paged book, they can handle a board book much easier. Reading board books with toddlers is beneficial for parent-child bonding, building mental connections, and developing fine motor skills.

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3. Why was board book printing not available and what has changed?

Recently, printing a childrens board book was not a viable option for our self-published childrens book authors; it required printing in bulk of 1,000+ copies at overseas printing companies.

Well, no more! Green Hill Publishing has found the solution.

Our childrens book authors wanting to print their books as board books can now enjoy a short-run printing option just like any other author printing paperback books. This newly available technology allows authors to print very short print runs of their books and still maintain an affordable price! We recommend beginning with runs of 200 – 500 copies of your book.

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