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Permissions: Talent release form

Make sure that you own the rights to the illustrations that you have paid for, find templates here: Author Talent Release Form

We-transfer: How to transfer large files to us
Some of the files that we require from you will exceed the limit of our ticket system or general email. We suggest you send them via WeTransfer. This is a simple site that allows you to send your files. To go to the site follow the link below:
Simply input your email address and our [email protected] address and insert your files.
If you are still having trouble, you can visit our Green Hill website for more detailed instructions:

Illustrations: How to prepare for your illustrator

If you have never worked with an illustrator before, it can be intimidating. Green Hill Publishing has developed a document to guide you on your path to illustration, find it here: Author’s Illustration Guide.


Indexing can be an extremely time-consuming task during the publishing process. If our team here at Green Hill have to put together your index list from scratch, there is a potential for human error as page numbers are often altered throughout the design process. However, if you follow the simple steps in this document here: Author Indexing Guide, we can make an index list with accuracy.

Editing: Need your book edited?

Find a link here to our page all about Green Hill Publishing Editing Services.

Editing: Accepting and rejecting track changes

Our editors, here at Green Hill, use the track-changes tool to edit any manuscripts in Microsoft Word. It is then the job of the author to accept or reject the changes that the editor has made. A document explaining how to do this is available Author’s Guide to Accepting/Rejecting Changes document.

eBook: Types of eBooks

Reflowable: This is a conversion suitable for novels and text rich books. You can change fonts, styles and sizes on eReaders. This means that the text will re-wrap to the next line or page to make the book flow.

Fixed Format: This is suitable for cookbooks, children’s books and graphically formatted books. This will be a direct reproduction of each page and will look exactly like the InDesign file.

This will include:
  • EPUB: this is a file type that suits all Android devices and eReaders, such as Kobo, Nook, iPad, and Android, but excludes Kindle.
  • MOBI/KF8: this is a file for Kindle.
  • troubleshooting and performance guarantee on 30 of the most used eReaders.

Printing and Marketing your book

As a self-published author, it is imperative that you find a way to market your book to the public. Green Hill Publishing has put together a document that explains one option of how to do so, which is available here: Author’s Guide to Independently Printing and Marketing.

Green Hill Publishing also offers a complimentary authors web page from which you can sell your book or connect it to your own personal website. You can see these web pages here at:

Green Hill Publishing also offers to create personal websites with hosting as an option. This is something that you would request and be quoted for on an individual basis.