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self published authors tick of approval“Thank you for bringing my book to life. I’m so impressed with your professionalism and I’m delighted with the result especially Gina’s beautiful cover design.”
Jane Baxter

Author - A Heart Full of Stars

Green Hill is Australia’s trusted book publishing company. We will show you how to self publish your own book.

Book publishing can seem complex. And it is. Today there’s so much that is possible with opportunities like print on demand and online book publishing giving authors the ability to bring their ideas from mind to market quickly and cost effectively. Green Hill has advanced expertise in how to self publish ebooks. The popularity of ebooks is growing each day with readers having a seemingly endless appetite for all sorts of content: fiction, non-fiction, technical – you name it. They want to read it on devices like Kindle readers and tablets. At the same time book printing is alive and well. Self Published bookThere’s nothing like the feel of a well designed and professionally printed book. Print on demand will let you get into print quickly and cost effectively with new printing methods available to deliver the highest quality books.

 If you are self publishing a book consider both an ebook and printed book

Why an ebook?

Ebooks and online book publishing presents fantastic new opportunities for authors to quickly and cost effectively move ideas from the word-processor to devices like Kindle readers and tablets. Readers’ appetites for ebooks grow each and every day and your self publishing project can now quickly and profitably reach thousands of eager readers across the globe. There are a large number of online ebook distributors available. Some of the best known are Kindle, Apple ibooks, Kobo, Google Play and Australia’s own Angus and Robertson. Produce your digital ebook with Green Hill locally and we will make sure that you are distributed far and wide, making your work available to a huge potential readership.

self published authors tick of approval“I found the Green Hill self publishing team when surfing the Internet. What a stroke of luck!” Read the whole testimonial here.
Steven Acuff

Author - Eating the Wu Way

Why a printed book?

Readers still love printed books. Printed books provide very easy access to content. Self published novel AustraliaThere’s nothing like the feel of holding a good book. And they are completely portable – friends share good books with each other. Print books are great gifts that are a visible reminder of the giver. Train commuters watch what others are reading. A great book cover design  helps to market your book more than anything else. Yes, self published authors are often judged by the cover of their books! Self publishing your print book will give you presence and status that an ebook can’t. Professional design and quality print generates credibility and status way beyond that of an ebook.

Understanding printing

Books can be printed for self publishers using two major methods:

  • offset printing
  • digital printing

Self published family history book - Charles Anstey of Port ElliotOffset printing uses ink and printing plates to transfer an image onto paper. This print process requires manual labour and takes longer to set up. Because of the costs involved in setting up, it is only cost efficient for long print runs. Digital printing uses new-breed machines much like photocopiers but ones that achieve outstanding quality. The difference between digital printing and offset printing can sometimes really only be spotted by a highly trained eye.

Image of high quality professional typesetting of book

Beautiful type guaranteed.

Amateur typesetting can ruin a great self publishing project. Typesetting is a craft –  the art and technique of arranging type. Typesetting guarantee The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, line spacing, adjusting the spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and adjusting the spacing between pairs of letters (kerning). Many publishing companies spend little time and effort getting typesetting right… and it shows. Let us professionally typeset your next book.

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Print on demand (POD) is the most economical method of printing for self publishers. Read more: Print on demand for self publishing

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Do you think you will sell 200 copies of your book?

In contrast to traditional publishing methods, self publishing can be financially rewarding. This is because a traditional book publishing company will take your book under stringent legal conditions, print it and distribute through the book industry’s established channels including retail stores and online outlets. For all your hard work you might only get a 5% royalty on the retail price. This means if your book that retails for $14.99 is sold in a shop, you will get just 75 cents.

EXAMPLE 1. If you have a traditional publishing deal:

  • Print cost: $4.95
  • Retail price: $14.99
  • Your profit is 5% of  $14.99 = 74 cents

EXAMPLE 2. If you self publish:

  • Print cost: $4.95
  • Retail price: $14.99
  • Your profit $10.04

As the calculation above shows $10.04 (if you self publish) versus 75 cents is a huge difference.

IF YOU CAN SELL AROUND 200 COPIES OF YOUR BOOK YOU WILL PAY FOR ALL PRODUCTION COSTS. ANY EXTRA SALES ARE PROFIT. The key to self publishing success is your network. You will need to let your personal network know that you have a book that they need. You must take charge of your own marketing. But that’s not hard! If you are a trainer, public speaker, consultant or have any sort of profile within your potential readership target, you have the capability of selling hundreds and hundreds of copies of your book at events, meetings and seminars with which you have an association. Green Hill will also help you market and distribute your self published ebook or printed book through the very same channels that are used by traditional publishing houses.

What if you have very little money?

If you have an established social media network e.g. a hundred friends on Facebook, Green Hill can show you how to kickstart your publishing project with as little as $199 + GST upfront by pre-selling your book through our crowdfunding website Page One.

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You can get your book project started from as little as $500.Crowdfunding gives you the opportunity of pre-selling you book to an eager audience of friends, family supporters and those who believe in your self publishing project. Get your self publishing project up and running with crowdfunding. Please call us Monday to Sunday, for a no obligation discussion on how you can get your book project onto first base.

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Self Publishing online shopOur premium self publishing plan comes with its own on-line bookstore. Read more

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Self published family history book - Charles Anstey of Port Elliot You can turn your family history into a valuable keep-sake – a retail quality book – a legacy treasured by your family forever. We will edit, proof-read, design and print your family history. And imagine your own internet bookshop where your family across Australia (and the globe) can order and pay for their very own copies. We find generally, if you can sell more than 100 copies you’ll not only break-even but you can turn a profit! Email: [email protected] or In Australia telephone:  0411 311 205

Cloth bound family history

We manufacture prestige family histories

We offer a high-quality cloth binding service (fabric hardcovers) to give your family history publication increased eminence. Treatments like cloth binding and metallic embossing are great for family histories and also your next PhD Thesis!

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