In book publishing quality matters.


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In book publishing, quality matters. Green Hill Publishing has helped over 1,000 Australian indie authors achieve publishing success.

Melinda SweetMelinda Sweet
01:18 24 Jan 24
I could not be happier with the service provided by Green Hill Publishing. Bringing my 88 year old father's vision to life with the publication of his book called "Why Me". After struggling to find a legitimate publishing company to look after this for my dad, I found Greenhill online. I had many discussions initially and the support that Kaitlin provided initially, followed by Jessica was next level awesome. They both put my mind at rest that all would work out just fine. And it sure has. Thanks so much.
marie hylandmarie hyland
01:08 23 Jan 24
Was a very rewarding experience having my story published by this company. They were very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of publishing their book. I intend to do so again in the near future.
Vanessa MessigVanessa Messig
23:33 10 Jan 24
The staff at Green Hill Publishing are friendly, professional, very helpful and reliable. You can depend on Green Hill Publishing to respond quickly to your queries and give you their honest and expertise advice. I could not be happier with Green Hill Publishing, I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to self publish their book.
Joseph MarrounJoseph Marroun
14:14 30 Nov 23
Had an amazing call with David on Tuesday!In the process of completing my first book and I’m looking to partner with someone that can publish my book and aren’t I glad I found Green Hill and David! We were on the phone for close to an hour, and that was due to me talking to much but David could tell I was nervous as I haven’t done this before and was so caring, patient and encouraging! I have received my proposal and will definitely be entrusting Greenhill with my project! As I am based in Sydney I feel compelled to fly to Adelaide and meet David in person to seal the deal! Can’t wait to meet you guys in person! What a first up experience!
Jeremy HoltJeremy Holt
02:47 11 Oct 23
I would like to express my gratitude for the support I have received from Green Hill. When I began the daunting process of discerning who to work with as a publisher, choosing Green Hill was a leap of faith. I'm glad I did. From my initial engagement with Kaitlan, to my exchanges with Jessica, followed by Lisa's editing, Debora's patience with typesetting and design, and my conversation with Rebekah, the process has surpassed my expectations. For me, the key is authentic relationships, and GH has engaged with me in this spirit, despite the inherent challenges of working online, and the tyranny of distance.
Jarrod WallsJarrod Walls
03:34 11 Aug 23
I have had the pleasure of working with Green Hill Publishing for the launch of my first novel and find them to be incredibly friendly, informative and helpful. I look forward to exploring working with them more in future. If you are an aspiring or existing Author I highly recommend talking to the highly skilled team and getting the professional approach applied to your work.
Dyson RussellDyson Russell
07:49 19 Jun 23
From the very first interaction I had with Green Hill, even prior to the commencement of the publishing process - they were incredibly personable and handled all questions with consideration and care. Their level of engagement was phenomenal, and they made me feel very valued, and very much apart of the overall experience. Their investment in the book and its success was palpable, and they continually impressed with their diligence and their efficiency - always communicating promptly and keeping me well informed. I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and their dedication to what they do, and I highly recommend their services. I will definitely engage with them again in future.
Mike FidlerMike Fidler
20:24 15 May 23
The team at Green Hill were fantastic and I'd highly recommend them to authors new to the publishing world. The design and build of the book was completely transparent, all costed (no surprises), with cover design, editing, type-setting, etc. However, the most important inclusion of all was their advice and patience. The team were always responsive, normally within the day - amazing. Sincere thanks to Kaitlan, Deb and the team.
20:42 10 May 23
A really good experience from start to finish, so helpful. I would highly recommend.
Garry PhilpottGarry Philpott
03:53 05 Feb 23
The team at Green Hill have been absolutely wonderful assisting me to refine my book and coming up with quite a different cover concept design to what I had first envisaged - making the whole project a most enjoyable experience!
Rynhardt SteenkampRynhardt Steenkamp
02:24 03 May 22
Green Hill Publishing is a phenomenal business that cares and looks after their clients. They are reliable, good communicators and very professional. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to self publish their book!!
Heidi McLeodHeidi McLeod
04:41 14 Apr 22
Highest recommendation possible! I wouldn't go anywhere else.For an absolute beginner, so nervous about the whole procedure, and rejected by many main-stream publishers, Green Hill made mine a smooth and enjoyable experience, at an affordable price.Their systems are really well constructed, smooth and user-friendly.Their responses are rapid, precise and on-point.From beginning to end, Green Hill achieved that rare blend of professionalism, trust, patience and genuine friendliness.Thank you Green Hill - you turned my manuscript into a beautiful book that I'm very proud of.
Kym WatsonKym Watson
11:25 02 Jun 21
Green Hill Publishing is a very professional team 👍👍👍👍👍Dave and I have been so impressed by their integrity and professionalism we would never consider using anyone elseWell done Green Hill Publishing Team you “Rock”
Jody FenechJody Fenech
20:43 15 Nov 20
I published my book Highway to Well through Green Hills publishing. They have been an absolute pleasure to deal with- responsive, professional and extremely helpful. I researched publishing companies for some time and I couldn’t have made a better choice, Green Hills publishing made the whole process seamless and easy. People have commented on the quality of my book, especially the artwork on the front cover. Every staff member is genuinely interested in your journey as an author, they are patient, courteous, supportive and very knowledgeable. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of publisher and I highly recommended Green Hills publishing.
Edward -Edward -
03:47 08 May 20
Highly recommended. The team at Green Hill could not have made the process of self-publishing easier and more enjoyable. Incredibly good value too. I was very impressed with the quality of the typesetting and cover design. Gina had great attention to detail and made all the minor changes I asked for - which were very few because she did such a great job from the outset. It was a great feeling when the pilot copy of my book arrived in the post. Even better when it was online for sale.

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The Little Book of
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In just a quick 8,000 words, this little book will equip you with the knowledge you need to successfully publish your book.

The Little Book of Big Publishing tips goes into the essentials of self-publishing a book, outlining the business and financial side of publishing, legal issues, design, editing, sales and marketing. There’s even a section on how to identify a vanity-publishing scam.

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Amazing Print Deals

Don't pay too much to print your book.

Green Hill has an unbeatable print solution on quality and price for Print-on-Demand (POD), offset, digital toner, and digital inkjet book printing solutions. You might have seen publishing companies offering crazy prices on production, but the catch is sky-high print prices.

This table details the printing prices for a standard size, 200 page paperback book, colour cover, black and white interior, 200 copies. Please note the purpose of this table is not exact at the time of viewing and is to be used only as a reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to the most important book publishing project questions please provide your details and we will send a free copy of The Little Book of Big Publishing Tips.

Are you based overseas?

No, we are the Australian company.

We have a real office, a real design studio and a team of real book designers who work from the studio.

This is a question well asked because the last thing you need as an Australian author is to be trying to call Toronto at 12 noon Sydney time to discuss your book.

Many of the UK and North American companies do have a hole-in-the wall office in Sydney or Melbourne – but you won’t have any idea who your designer is. You’ll be speaking to an account manager/salesperson.

Do you help with marketing and sales?


We are a full-service publisher and have capability in book distribution through retail outlets.

Online retail distribution is guaranteed but physical bookshop distribution depends on a wide variety of factors.

During the early stages of book production, we will assess its potential for traditional book shop distribution and provide strategic advice on how your book may achieve distribution through physical stores in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

You don't seem to offer the range of services like overseas providers

No, we don’t.

We do everything that is critical to the success of your book, performing over 120 actions/tasks in making ready each title. There are simply too many of these to list.

But we don’t do the junk (and charge for it). This is because services like book stubs, book trailers, movie scripts, business cards and fake paid reviews are next to useless. Some of these can even have a negative impact not only on your hip pocket but on your reputation as an author. If you are enamored by the long lists of gimmicks offered by our UK, US and Canadian competitors (and you are prepared to pay their hefty price tag) then Green Hill is not the publishing option for you.

Having said that we can do anything if you ask for it.

We do offer professional digital marketing services, publicity, author websites, ebooks, audiobooks, illustration, book mentoring and distribution services.

And for the record, because we are committed to serving authors in any way, we can do book stubs and posters (if you really want)!

Do you take royalties from my sales?

No, Green Hill does not take royalties.

Unlike other publishing companies, Green Hill does not take a percentage of the sales made on your book. We are a fee-for-service business, so, once we receive the final payment for the production book, we transfer the control of the book distribution over to you and you can manage everything. By managing your own distribution, you cut out the middleman and reap more profit from each of your sales.

Who owns the rights to my book if I publish with Green Hill?

The answer to this is simple.

The author owns the rights to all of their own content right from the start.

Upon receipt of the final payment after the production process has been completed and your book is ready to be sent to the printers, Green Hill assigns the rights of the book design to you as well, but until this stage Green Hill owns the rights to the design. All of the written content and any images that our authors supply remains wholly theirs.

Are illustration and editing costs included in the publishing packages?

No, both illustration and editing are separate from the publishing package prices. Included in the packages is a complimentary editing assessment voucher and the brokering of illustration, but as Green Hill works with partnered editors and illustrators, each project is quoted individually by the partner and cannot be included in the packages.